RLM’s superior services have earned us a stellar reputation among our clients and partners, from whom we regularly receive glowing feedback.


You and your team always do such a good job for our team and out guests.  I would like to take the opportunity to highlight the excellent service our house car driver, Toshi, performed for one of our guests today.  Mr. O’Conner came to my desk this early morning.  He explained that he suffers from skin cancer and one of the side effects of the medication that he takes is swelling of his joints.  He shared that his hand had swollen overnight and he had to take his wedding ring cut off.  He held up his hand to show me.  It was so swollen and so painful I wasn’t sure how anyone would be able to remove it without causing serious injury to his finger.  Although he asked for a jeweler to remove the ring, I called our house doctor who recommended going to a local fire station to remove it.  They would have the tools and the medical knowledge to remove the ring.

Toshi drove the O’Conner’s to four fire stations.  They rang the bell and rang the bell and no one ever came out.  Toshi refused to give up….especially when he saw how injured Mr. O’Connor’s hand was. On the fourth try they pulled up to the Sansome fire station.  Eddie the fire chief was able to safely remove the wedding ring.  They arrived back to our hotel singing Toshi’s praises and in good spirits.The O’connor’s are here celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversay.

Ramin, thank you so much for the service excellence you and your team provide to us every day.  We appreciate you!

Gabrielle and your Club Team


RLM provides the best service in the industry. As a business traveler, having a car service that is reliable and professional is imperative. Their drivers always look their very best, are personable and provide the care and attention I so very much appreciate. The cars are stunning, top of the line, making for a fabulous experience. I think so much of RLM that I’ve even called on them for family excursions. They were wonderful, getting us to all the places we needed to be. I would recommend RLM to any discerning client looking for a company who puts the client at the center of all they do.  Thank you RLM!

Anna Marie S.



RLM Executive is a Five Star transportation company.

RLM has been committed to delivering only the utmost in first class and distinction. I have used a wide range of gorgeous vehicles and the drivers have been so knowledgeable and professional.

When I have to have clients with me, I am never embarrassed by the driver’s appearance or the vehicles. I always know what to expect.

I travel all the time for work and have pretty much tried every limousine service you can think of. Finally I found a company that I’m really happy with.

RLM is the only way to travel. Their staff is always professional, courteous, ahead of schedule, and their vehicles are immaculate. If you need a car service, look no further.

Nina Parham



I had the pleasure to use RLM while on a business trip from the East Coast. The experience from traveling between cities for meetings was very relaxing in the Audi Sedan. Bibo (the driver) was excellent in getting around the traffic and very professional and polite. I highly recommend RLM to anyone for their luxury travel needs.

Ray J



I was referred to RLM Executive from the Ritz Carlton San Francisco. When I called RLM to inquire about my reservations needs, they were the most professional and knowledgeable company that I have ever dealt with. I am an entertainer event planner and my clients are demanding and expect first class service, and RLM provided first class service the entire four days that I used their services.

I needed to provide individual cars for my event in San Francisco. They provided me with two Cadillac Escalades, four Audi A8L’s, three Mercedes Benz and a beautiful Mercedes executive van. The vehicles were all brand new and so elegant. I knew that this event was going to go smooth with out any problems like I have had in the past with other companies. All the chauffeurs were so professionally dressed, polite, knowledgeable, they were at the top of their game. I want to thank RLM for an outstanding performance of their duties and I cannot recommend them enough. You will love working with RLM—just a fabulous company.

Thank you again and I look forward to working with RLM in the future.

Eve Berray



In 2010, Ten Group was exploring new territories with its first US office in the Americas based in San Francisco. We wanted to team up with only the best and most reputable suppliers; therefore when it came time to choose an exclusive transportation supplier in the Bay Area, the choice was easy.

I contacted some concierge contacts at very reputable hotels in San Francisco and they all recommended me to Ramin and his company, RLM. Upon meeting Ramin for the first time, I knew that this was the type of company we wanted to work with.

We trust RLM Transportation with all of our VIP clients in the Bay Area and have never had a complaint from anybody, but I have the confidence in knowing that if something every does go wrong, I can simply pick up the phone and dial Ramin. I’ve worked with many transportation companies around the globe and RLM definitely ranks within the Top 5.

Gibrán Huerta Padilla



I operate a boutique wine and culinary travel company called CORK & FORK Epicurean Travel. We work with VIPs and other high-end travelers and hire executive transportation companies all over the world. Few have compared with RLM Executive Transportation. In a business that is all about transactions, we really feel like these folks treat every single client in a very special way—at least that was our experience. We had a very special client with special requirements. We articulated our requirements to one of the principals and were assigned with an absolutely outstanding driver. He went well above and beyond what we expected and made my company look like rockstars. Consequently, I have hired this company again and will not hesitate to recommend them to my colleagues.  Bottom line:  Look no further!

Jim D



Outstanding professional service.  I hired the car as a surprise for my GF. They let me decorate the limo for my special occasion and my driver Fanta was more than willing to help out with my surprise.

Kees E.



I had the opportunity to experience RLM’s service twice in the last few days and was mightily impressed! I’ve used other limo services and there’s no comparison to RLM. The cars are beautiful: I was driven in a luxurious Mercedes hybrid stocked with bottled water and a nice selection of magazines and newspapers. The two drivers I had were personable and impeccably dressed.

What a great way to start the day! Calm, refreshed and feeling like a million bucks! Thank you, RLM!

Valerie C.



By way of background, let me offer the following:

On a regular basis and as part of our company’s business development efforts, we must provide for our client’s transportation to and from our offices, as well as to other destinations in the Bay Area. Most of our clients are executives in the Fortune 500, and are not only extremely busy but have expectations near perfection, as you can well imagine!

In providing for their logistic needs, no other company comes even close to RLM Executive, in timely service, professional chauffeurs, classy and superbly maintained automobiles, and the best reflection of our own company.

I dare not ever use any other company out of fear of losing a potential customer. RLM has provided us with many dozens of service calls, with almost all resulting in our clients’ complementing RLM. They know best, as they have all been in hundreds of chauffeured rides in their careers!

M C.



RLM is a boutique car service that has broken the mold for private car personal transportation. Besides the best customer service in the Bay Area car services (trust me, I know! I’ve been using the big services for 12 years like Carey, Empire, CLS), they have also invested in top-tier luxury sedans, many of which are hybrid (Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Escalade). RLM drivers are professional and excellent at getting us safely to and from. And it’s not just for business use. We have been using them for evening transportation when wanting to be carefree about having wine with dinner and no driving later under the influence. Special events are always less stressful when they are handling the driving and we are not struggling with parking. We are always less stressed departing and returning form the airport when we opt for RLM. They are surprisingly affordable, all things considered. RLM is also OWNER-OPERATED and that is the key to their exceptional customer service…

When was the last time an owner of a car service called you to check in on your satisfaction? Well, get used t it with RLM because their owner is hands-on. Also, we recently hosted the Venerable Palden Gyatso for his Bay Area teaching tour and RLM not only drive Lama Gyatso safely during a week’s tour, but the drivers were reading his book, as well as having been informed of his background by RLM’s owner before they drove him.

I simply can’t recommend them highly enough.

Robin R.


RLM Executive Limousine transports you swiftly and safely to your destination in style and on time – every time. Businesses and individuals turn to us because of our superior fleet of luxury vehicles, our exemplary service and on-time performance.

In business for over 20 years, our reputation for consistency, reliability and unfailing attention to personal service is why RLM Executive is the choice for Bay Area limousine and sedan services among business people, corporate travel planners and travel agents, and hospitality concierges. Look to us for all your Bay Area airport transportation, corporate and personal tours, and to customize all your service needs to fit your life style.



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